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Is MAWA the official Association of Malayalees in Perth?

Malayalee Association of Western Australia is the oldest body representing Malayalee community in the State of Western Australia. MAWA is also the body representing Malayalees in the Indian Society of Western Australia,

How can I become a Member of MAWA?

Please use the website link ‘Become a member - click here’ for details on becoming a member. Or contact MAWA at . MAWA committee members contact details are also given in the website.

What are the benefits of being a Member?

MAWA organizes several programs which provide you opportunities to interact with other community members and develop new friendships. MAWA’s activities are almost entirely on voluntary service. Volunteering for MAWA helps you to reach out to the community, learn new skills and may be even advance your career or business. 

MAWA members get priority and discount for programs organized by MAWA.

Regular Newsletter issued exclusively to members keeps you updated on activities of MAWA and other organizations of your interest.

Is MAWA only for Malayalees?

MAWA primarily functions as a community organization for malayalees of WA. MAWA prefers to maintain this community focus. Hence membership is generally limited to Malayalees.

Who can give me some valid advise about migrating to Australia / Western Australia.

You may refer to the site or speak to some of your friends who are already in Australia.

I need help and want to talk to a MAWA committee member ?

Please contact MAWA using the ‘Contact Us’ link in our website. We will get back to you. Or use the individual committee member contact details given in MAWA website.

I wish to promote my service through MAWA website. Can MAWA help me on this?

MAWA offers various avenues like regular community celebrations, website and newsletter where businesses and services can be advertised and promoted. You may please contact MAWA with details. MAWA committee will approve the promotion after ensuring that the material is non political, non religious and not offensive to community feelings. Nominal charges payable for such promotions helps MAWA to serve the community better.

How can I get contact details of a MAWA member?

Please contact the Secretary of MAWA. Contact details are given in . Secretary will inform the member on your wish to get in touch. The member may contact you if he/she chooses so.

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