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About Malayalee Association of Western Australia (MAWA)


Malayalee Association of Western Australia (MAWA) is the formal incorporated organisation for all Malayalees in the State of Western Australia. It is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious community and cultural organization.

Malayalees hail from the State of Kerala, known as ‘Gods Own Country’, which is located in the western shoreline of India. They are also known as Keralites and speak the language Malayalam. The Malayalees have migrated to all parts of the globe including Australia. Keralites are always proud of their unique culture and traditions. Malayalees maintain their own identity and rich cultural traditions.

The earliest of Malayalees to arrive in Western Australia was in mid 1960’s. When the number of Malayalee community increased, the need for an official forum was felt. After much contemplation it was decided to register an Association and in July 1996, the Malayalee Association of Western Australia (MAWA) came into existence.

MAWA takes the responsibility of conducting traditional festivals such as Onam and Christmas with overwhelming support from the Malaylees in Western Australia. It is a leading partner in hosting of other cultural functions and sporting competitions, including staging of Soorya-Perth programmes. This allows the community to come together in the preservation and progression of the unique Malayalee culture.

MAWA has always remained a very proactive entity in providing assistance for settling in to Australian way of life to new migrants to Western Australia. It has strong links to other organizations in Australia, and being the official member of World Malayalee Council, it has strong international links. MAWA strives towards making Australia a more multi cultural society.

MAWA is an active member of the Indian Society of Western Australia Inc. (ISWA), Perth. The ISWA is the apex body representing around 14 community organisations in WA and it acts as a major channel of communication between the Australian Indian Community in WA and various government and non-government organisations in Australia.

Our Mission:

Malayalee Association of Western Australia strives for the welfare and social needs of Malayalees in the state of Western Australia. It is a forum for social interaction of like minded members of the Malayalee community. MAWA upholds and promotes vibrant cultural and linguistic heritage of the Malayalees and also to promote interaction and camaraderie among the Malayalees in Western Australia and rest of Australia and attempt to integrate the best of Kerala traditions with Australian life style.

Our Vision:

It is a forum for fostering our rich legacy, cultural heritage and family focus in a distant land. This will help everyone thrive in their adopted country with prosperity and values.

MAWA through its activities endeavours to:

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