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Welcome to MAWA

The Malayalee Association of Western Australia (MAWA) was conceived with an idea to provide a forum to Western Australia based Malayalees to share & care and keep up the spirit of their culture and traditions.

MAWA provides support and assistance to the Malayali community to come together and rejoice in a faraway land. Celebrations of Onam, X’Mas, Mother’s Day, Music Nights etc. provide opportunity for families to mingle and both children and parents to express their artistic talents. This keeps alive a strong bond with Kerala. MAWA also endeavours to promote sports and games. The Bluegum community centre is accessible every Sunday for Shuttle Badminton and Volleyball practice. Every year MAWA also conducts competition in junior and senior categories in various sporting activities. The felicitation and certificate distribution to winners take place during the Onam function. This is a great way to channel the energy and sprit of youngsters of the community in a positive and competitive manner.

In addition, MAWA also stages Malayalam movies, co-promotes Soorya India’s stage shows.

The Malayali student bagging maximum marks in year 12 is felicitated by MAWA with KP Rajan Memorial cash award.

Lifetime Members

  • Abhishek Rana
  • Alexander JOHN
  • Ambika Nayar
  • Anil Joseph Anchakunnathu
  • Babu Thomas
  • Debroah Prasad
  • Eby Mathew
  • Eipe Chundamannil
  • James Thomas
  • John Bose
  • Kaipillil Vijayan
  • Krishna Prasad
  • Kuruvilla Mathew
  • Mathew Samuel
  • Mervyn Joseph
  • Nisha Suresh
  • Reena R
  • Reji Paul Chalakuzhy
  • Renchi Mathews
  • Reny Shiju Mathews
  • Sasi Joseph
  • Shanavas Peter
  • Shelbin Neelankavil
  • Sherin Varughese
  • Shibu John
  • Susy Thomas
  • Valsala Mathew
  • Velayudhan Nayar